• Nesta: Challenges Of Our Era Summit 2018

    All | Summit Francesco Castellana

    Register your interest for two days of debate, discussion and solutions shaping around food, technology and surgery taking place on Tuesday 6 and Wednesday 7 March 2018 in Milan, Italy. The Challenges Of Our Era Summit is about action, not talk. We want to change the world by radically improving access to necessities of modern life. We think innovation…

  • FoodBytes! by Rabobank is a next-gen pitch competition

    All | Conference Francesco Castellana

    One of the initiatives developed by Rabobank, that seeks to promote and facilitate food connections, is FoodBytes!, a series of transformational events in the food, agribusiness, and technology space. These events are designed to connect food industry leaders and investors with startup companies that are innovating and disrupting the food…

  • ‘Meat’ Mark Post, the creator of the first hamburger made from lab-grown meat

    All | food is a conversation Francesco Castellana

    The voices that advocate steering away from animal protein are getting louder, and more convincing, as the impacts of unsustainable production models become more tangible and more threatening.  Plant-based diets are a widely accepted solution, yet not as widely implemented for a variety of reasons. Like it or not, animal…

  • Be part of the Future Food-Tech in San Francisco

    All | Summit Francesco Castellana

    Future Food-Tech in San Francisco will bring together key figures from across the food industry, including investors, startups, tech&food companies. With a common goal to meet the global food challenge, the event will create a forum for networking, debate, discussion and learning – showcasing the technologies and championing the innovations…

  • Have a bite of culinary arts with Dutch master chef Angélique Schmeinck

    All | Disruptive innovation event Francesco Castellana

    Have a bite of a culinary live performance based on the composition of an edible painting – Dutch master chef Angélique Schmeinck employs the palette of the palate in full creative color! Using the scent of inspiration and the taste of creativity to whet your appetite, the Scuderia FF Urban…

  • The paradox of being an Omnivore

    All | food is a conversation Francesco Castellana

    Human beings are generally omnivores, and the fact that some of them choose to be vegetarians or vegans emphasizes the fact that the food we eat constitutes an important part of our individual identity. According to Professor Claude Fischler, a leading researcher and well known figure in Food Anthropology, as…

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