• Robot bartender…Nice to meet you!

    All | maker faire rome | Networking Francesco Castellana

    Robot and Food: twenty years from now, a lot of the things that humans do today will be fully automated, especially along the food chain. Technology and automation increase efficiency, empower human skills and shape appealing customer experiences. At Eatsa, customers can’t see the cooking process: they just receive a warm and healthy meal directly…

  • Choose your call and live Maker Faire Rome as a real maker

    All | maker faire rome Francesco Castellana

    Maker Faire is all about showcasing your projects, inventions, skills, ideas and arts. If you want to share your project or your talent with this amazing community and the huge audience then consider exhibiting in Maker Faire Rome the largest and most prestigious exhibition venue in Europe. Everyone is a “Maker” and you may be…

  • SKS, the first event about the future of the connected kitchen is back

    All | Conference | Summit Francesco Castellana

    The Smart Kitchen Summit is the leading event and community focused on the future of food, cooking and the kitchen. Now entering its third year, SKS brings together the world’s innovators across the home appliance, culinary, grocery, smart home/IoT and technology industries to explore and create the future together. The…

  • Working on how food impacts the UN Sustainable Development Goals: Unleash Innovation 2017

    All | Disruptive innovation event | Summit Francesco Castellana

    One thousand talents from all over the world, 129 countries represented, 10 days and 3 locations in Denmark for working together with sponsors and partners to accelerate our common path to hit the 17 Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. It’s time to read this inspiration story from our Chiara Cecchini! The…

  • Giving a meaning to words: apply now and be part of the future food LEXICONLab

    All | Disruptive innovation event Francesco Castellana

    Sustainability is one of those elusive words , that can never have a clear definition, yet, as we are challenged by its absence from our surroundings, the food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breathe, we get overwhelmed by the need to take action to stop…

  • Discovering the future of young entrepreneurs with Scuola Informale di Cultura Imprenditoriale

    All | Disruptive innovation event | Workshop Francesco Castellana

    Scuola Informale di Cultura Imprenditoriale promoted by Giardino delle Imprese (Fondazione Golinelli) this year brings together 60 ambitious students from 30 different High Schools of the Emilia Romagna region. The learning experience aims to promote an entrepreneurial culture among students, enhancing the individual skills and the initiative spirit in the…

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