• What’s new in your cocktail? Hemp and crickets of course!

    All | maker faire rome Francesco Castellana

    GOOD, REFRESHING, HEALTHY AND ORIGINAL! HERE’S HOW TO PREPARE THE MULTI-PROTEIN DRINK OF THE FUTURE! In October the Maker Faire Rome returns, the event that showcases ideas and projects from the most diverse fields, presenting them to the public and linking them to the frontiers of the digital world. This year the…

  • Beekeeping 3.0: here’s BEEing, the innovative “bee – technology”!

    All | maker faire rome Francesco Castellana

    BEES ARE MAN’S BEST FRIEND BUT THEIR EXISTENCE IS UNDER THREAT. FORTUNATELY ITALIAN AGRI-TECH STARTUP BEEING AIMS TO PROTECT THESE MAGNIFICENT CREATURES WITH A TRULY INNOVATIVE INITIATIVE The expression “man’s best friend” seems a strange way to describe bees considering the fact they sting and their reputation for ruining picnics….

  • Food: Taco is the superfood of the summer!

    All | maker faire rome Francesco Castellana

    Forget about junk food! Follow our recipe for a healthy (and nutritious) taco that doesn’t scrimp on taste! Food: are you familiar with it? Imagine you’ve missed lunch and you’re driving, with a few euros in your pocket, you’re ravenously hungry but you soon find a solution – a taco!…

  • This beetroot cocktail & burger combo is the summer “must make”!

    All | maker faire rome Francesco Castellana

    THE APERITIF OF THE SUMMER IS RED, HEALTHY AND ZERO-WASTE! In october Maker Faire Rome returns –  the event which is seen as the focal point for innovative ideas and projects, varying from the most diverse fields, including the digital world, gardening and food. This year sees a renewed collaboration with the…

  • FFI in Tokyo for the Smart Kitchen Summit 2018

    All | Disruptive innovation event | future food for climate change | Summit Francesco Castellana

    Smart Kitchen Summit (SKS) is the leading event dedicated to exploring the intersection of tech, food, design and how smart kitchen innovators are reshaping the emblematic space where food is kept, prepared, and cooked. The summer 2018 edition of the SKM takes place on August 8-9 at Base Q in…

  • Edible fashion… dresses made from kombucha!

    All | maker faire rome Francesco Castellana

    EDIBLE INNOVATIONS AND CLOTHES HAVE STARTED SHAPING THE FUTURE OF FASHION. Within Singapore, the United States and all around Europe and it seems that Kombucha is one of the most successful “ingredients” to this incredible and innovative collection of clothes. Food innovation is becoming a key tool in facing the…

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