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    “MAKEit is about creating huge numbers of innovations, speedy projects for transformation. By including the Makers’ culture, MAKEit wanted to improve the entire chain starting from continuous prototyping“. With these words, Shima Barakat, Director of the Entrepreneurship for Sustainability Program at the University of Cambridge, introduced one of the most interesting and…

  • Maker Faire Rome, we are back! Ready to discover MAKEit with EIT FOOD?

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    Future Food Institute returns to Maker Faire Rome, the largest Show & Tell in Europe! The unprecedented situation of 2020 has prompted us to rethink business models and lifestyles to such an extent that even the food of the future will not be the same. This MAKEit initiative embodies the sustainable focus of the…

  • Italian Journalism Award on Food Innovation and Sustainability Ceremony is around the corner!

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    The increase of visibility of actions the food chain, including agriculture, innovation and the use made of Industry 4.0 in ensuring the health and safety of the food we consume, is not surprising due to COVID-19. In this context, the commitment of those who talk about innovation and the positive…

  • The EIT Food Journalism Award on Food & Sustainability comes to Italy

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    After the success of the Spanish edition in 2019, the first edition of the Italian Journalism Award’s purpose is to encourage work from media professionals (Press, Radio, Television or Internet) in their work associated with agrifood values, and particularly those that constitute the objective of this Award. Healthy and affordable…

  • Are you ready to become the next Food and Climate Shaper?

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    The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations [FAO] and the Future Food Institute are developing joint advanced learning programs, including a digital boot camp and hands-on experience supported by a series of masterclasses, open conversations, hackathons and FAO e-learning courses, multilingual and accessible to all, anytime, anywhere, made to transfer knowledge, skills, and competencies and…

  • What are you doing during your lunch hour on World Food Day?

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    Join a global discussion with celebrity chefs, indigenous peoples, youth climate activists, small farmer businesswomen, heads of state, and everyone in between, on how in the next 10 years we must transform our food systems. Nutritious and safe food allows for healthy and productive lives, and the myriad of ways…

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