• Golden rules to reboot financial systems: Good After Covid19 is back!

    All | cooperation | Event Francesco Castellana

    The crisis of Coronavirus has blown a hole in many of the assumptions underpinning our financial systems. This stress-testing has further accelerated the already existential crises of climate and ecology. At the same time, this crisis might yet provide the opportunity for a global reset. We now need a financial…

  • How to achieve a thriving World for our future generation?

    All Francesco Castellana

    How might we guarantee safe food for the human community and the Planet? Creating a more efficient and sustainable food system, able to make an indirect and long term impact on food security, cannot be done in a single stroke but it requires holistic value chain and food system approach,…

  • Med Diet & Wellbeing: The Importance of Togetherness

    All Francesco Castellana

    Food as a mean of inclusion, sustainability and togetherness, starting from the relevance of chefs: learn more in our new Conversation! 10 years ago the Mediterranean Diet was acknowledged by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity, as a set of skills, knowledge, rituals, symbols and traditions that does…

  • The power of Comm-Unity: Stephen Ritz comes back to our next Food Is A Conversation

    All Francesco Castellana

    By 2050, almost 70% of the world population will live in urban areas. A population that by 2050 will eat, drink, and consume more natural resources, while we are already struggling today to satisfy globally basic needs. A growing global population with deteriorating natural resources and increased urbanization means more…

  • Join Us In The Online Hackathon Feeding The Future by Foodtechies

    All Francesco Castellana

    Calling all Food and Foodtech startups, wannabe startups, and individuals wanting to join the industry startup community. On June 26-28th 2020, our friends of Food Techies Finland, together with What The Quack and FinestNinja, will gather people from Finland and around the world together to find the answer to some…

  • Celebrating Together The World Day Of Sustainable Gastronomy

    All Francesco Castellana

    The way our food is eaten every day can’t help but considering the space which feeding the community starts from: the kitchen. It is not just a simple setting where cooking and serving take their stage, but has to be outlined as a vibrant ecosystem where feeders and raw materials…

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