• Water from emergency to a new beginning: let’s fight desertification and drought

    All Francesco Castellana

    June 25, 2020 marks the 25th edition of the “World Day to combat desertification and drought” established by the United Nations in 1995 (United Nations General Assembly Resolution A / RES / 49/1995) to raise public awareness on the matter of international cooperation to combat desertification and the effects of…

  • #GoodAfterCovid19 is back: How should schools Reboot the Future?

    All Francesco Castellana

    COVID-19 has fundamentally challenged and changed how we educate our young people. How can we use this moment to redefine our education system in a way that reconciles global ecology with personal values? As schools across the world start preparing to reopen their doors, 30 leading voices involved in transforming…

  • Celebrating World Oceans Day with a new Food Is A Conversation

    All Francesco Castellana

    Which world would it be without healthy oceans? We live in a Blue Planet. 70% of the whole Earth surface is composed of water, 97% of which is saltwater. And it is widely known how important is the role played by oceans, both in terms of human survival and ecological…

  • Who is joining our virtual stages all over the world for the World Food Safety Day?

    All Francesco Castellana

    Food is the only element that unites us all, despite our different cultures, religions, habits, geographical origins. Eating is essential for human survival and through it people can take care of their health, consciously or unconsciously. Food is therefore a powerful medicine, and the effects of food choices should not…

  • World Environment Day is around the corner

    All Francesco Castellana

    For too long human beings have pretended that natural resources were to service economic development. But considering nature as a mere commodity to be exploited has a price. Overexploitation of the soils has led us to unproductive lands. Overconsumption of freshwater has exacerbated water stress and scarcity. Heavy dependency on…

  • A new Food is a Conversation dedicated to biodiversity is coming!

    All | food is a conversation Francesco Castellana

      In all of the ecosystems we are living it and which we are nurtured by, biological diversity is essential to preserve the health of human beings. The food we eat, the air we breathe, the environment in which we live depend on keeping the natural world healthy. Now global…

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