We want to inspire and empower a new generation of creative and responsible food entrepreneurs, starting from our homeland: the Italian Food Valley. Our headquarters are conveniently based in Bologna, Italian capital of the quality food industry, ranging from award-winning ham and pasta to advanced agricultural techniques. Bologna is top Smart City in Italy 2015, and at the centre of the second densest startup hub in the country.

We look for food innovation startups at idea and prototype stage.


  • Food as a commons
  • Mindful and personalized, eating experiences
  • Disruptive solutions for resilient urban ecosystems
  • Low-impact, high quality, agriculture
  • Food data analysis for good
  • Human centered supply chain
  • Sustainable packaging
  • Actions for food waste
  • Nutrition and health aware mindset
  • IOT for a data-centric food choices

What you get

In exchange for 10% equity in your company, you get:

  • Up to €25.000 cash
  • €25.000 in courses, mentorship, and web design support
  • 12 weeks in Bologna, Italian capital of quality food
  • Free co-working space and collaborative meeting space
  • Access to Phase 1 of the world-class Food Innovation Program
  • Access to our network of 200+ food experts
  • Intensive mentorship program with 50+ mentors and our experienced staff
  • Hands-on operative support from our team
  • Free access to our experimental Farm to deploy testbeds in real-world conditions
  • Access to our food-specialized, London-based crowdfunding platform
  • Access to our network of XX+ follow-on investors

Our offer

We support high potential founder teams and business ideas from all over the world, with international ambitions.

  • €25k seed & €25k benefits
  • Outstanding acceleration program & Food Innovation Program
  • Amazing mentorship
  • Global food innovation network
  • Open innovation approach
  • Crowdfooding, our crowdfunding platform
  • Future Farm, our playground
  • Demo Day

Application period

April 15 / July 15

Acceleration program

Bologna from September 15, 2016 to December 15, 2016

Partners Network

We have connections that count, and thanks to our great network startups can create strategic relationships and partnerships. Have a look at our top-notch partners:

Perks from Partners

In addition you will get

150h graphic & web services


Our partner Microsot BizSpark gives out 3 years of free stuff – software, services, tech support, and Azure cloud. Your startup qualifies if it is less than 5 years old, is privately held, and earns less than $1M annually. And at the end of your 3 years, you keep all the software you’ve downloaded – at no cost.