Celebrating World Oceans Day with a new Food Is A Conversation

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Which world would it be without healthy oceans?
We live in a Blue Planet. 70% of the whole Earth surface is composed of water, 97% of which is saltwater. And it is widely known how important is the role played by oceans, both in terms of human survival and ecological balance.

Despite still being largely unknown, oceans are the blue lungs of our planet, they provide us high-quality proteins and nutritious food, absorb and store carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, mitigate the effects of climate change. All functions that perfectly work as long as the delicate balance among marine life, marine ecosystems and ocean food webs are respected.

However, the current state of the oceans reveals a tragic situation: fish overexploitation, plastic pollution, massive contamination from fertilizers and other agrichemicals, ocean acidification, algae blooms and increasing development of dead zones.

Oceans connect people and the whole world, We urge to restore our connection with the sea. This is the time to conserve, preserve, regenerate and innovate, to reverse unsustainable patterns and embrace common needs, those that both humans and the planet want. Only by embracing a prosperity thinking and a human-nature centered approach it is possible to build resilient marine ecosystems and eventually resilient communities.

This is the starting point of a new series of Food is a Conversation events that Future Food Institute will launch on June 8 to celebrate the World Oceans Day, focused this year on the topic of biodiversity and on its preservation to enhance human and Planet’s health in a systemic and multilayered approach.

Who is joining our virtual stages all over the world? Let’s check it out!

Moderator: Chris Krause, Director at Future Food Kyobashi Living Lab
The guests will be
– Junji Takasago, nature photographer
– Masami Takasago, sustainable lifestyle creator

The event will be live broadcast:
👉 On the Future Food Institute YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/futurefoodinstitute)
👉 On the Future Food Japan Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/futurefoodjapan)

Moderator: Francesco Castellana, Community Manager at Future Food Institute
The guests will be:
– Francesco Lombardo and Gian Marco Tamborra, Designer and Aquaculture Expert at Aquaponic Design

– Fabio Dalmonte, Co-founder & Managing Director of SEADS – Sea Defence Solutions ltd

– Chiara Petrioli, Partner & R&D Director at WSense srl

The event will be live broadcast:
👉 On the Future Food Institute YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/futurefoodinstitute)
👉 On the Future Food Italia Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/futurefooditalia)

Subscriptions are open at this link: https://oceansdayconversation.eventbrite.com

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