Meet your local Food Shapers!

2 Sep 19 | 6:30 pm - 10:00 pm 0
Torstraße 116-118 / Berlin

Our story begins in Italy. After three months of design thinking workshops and community engagement projects, 16 researchers from all over the world prepared to set sail for their 60-day Global Mission. The students of The Food Innovation Masters Program came from all corners of the globe and carry a diversity of backgrounds – food scientists to designers, from chefs to lawyers – linked by the single common goal of changing the world for the better. Their expedition found them walking the streets of Amsterdam, Brussels, Madrid, Valencia, BERLIN, Toronto, New York, San Francisco, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Shanghai, Mumbai and Bangkok, where they engaged with more than 160 food heroes shaping our shared future.

We, the Future Food Institute (FFI), are an organization that aims to promote a more sustainable future of food for all. We invite you aboard our intrepid journey of discovery and storytelling through a collection of books called Food Shapers. Without further ado, with as our vessel and discovery as our destination, all aboard for the adventure of a lifetime.

The event on the 2nd of September will introduce the four topics
1. agro-innovation in smart cities
2. future of proteins
3. scalable sustainability & circular systems
4. future of foodservice
through a panel discussion with local Food Shapers who contributed to our researchmoderated by one of the students and co-authors, Júlia Dalmadi.

Doors open at 18:30
Panel Starts at 19:00
Followed by Q&A and networking.

There are limited seats available. Make sure you RSVP on time.