It’s time for our new Food+Tech Meetup Bologna

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According to current estimates, the UN predicts that by year 2040 there will be about 9 billion inhabitants on our planet. A population growth of this magnitude requires the development of new technologies and eating habits that are sustainable to best take into account Earth’s resources and give everyone proper nutrition.

Based on this data we decided to dedicate a Meetup to some ideas evolved around our Future Food Ecosystem whose projects work to to supply the future of food from every angle, from farm to fork!

As usual, we will organize our Meetup in conjunction with other initiatives linked to the food world in Bologna. On November 16 Cioccoshow launches with five days full of chocolate-based initiatives that make for a tasty walk in the historic city center. We will dedicate the last part of the evening to chocolate when we discuss Chocothon, an initiative supported by major international partners, aimed at improving the conditions of cocoa farmers in Ghana to make more sustainable a product that otherwise risks disappearing.

The future of food starts from these get-togethers! Let’s talk together with Food + Tech Meetup Bologna: Cibo, segnali dal futuro.


Tuesday 15 November 2016

5.00 pm – 7 pm


WellDone Burger

Via Caprarie 3/C, Bologna


Opening remarks – Sara Roversi

PerFrutto – Marco Zibordi

ByentO – Irina Vetere

Funghi Espresso – Vincenzo Sangiovanni

Cooki – Giuseppe Grammatico

 Chocothon – SAVE THE CHOCOLATE! – Alessio D’Antino

Alce Nero – Sofia Cavazzoni


Free tickets available here:


The Food+Tech Meetup, created by Food+Tech Connect,  is the leading monthly event series for food innovators using technology and new business models to create a better food future. These monthly events bring entrepreneurs, executives, investors, chefs, farmers, producers, journalists, hackers, designers and more together to network, share best practices and explore the future of food.

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