3 weeks intensive bootcamp in italy
september – october 2017

Open call for storytellers
and food for good advocates,
share your voice at G7 agricultures

“Words without meaning are just letters, floating in space. But when you understand words, when learn their meaning and see the people behind them, you discover their links to other ideas. Other words. Words that may change your life.
We are creating a new lexicon that connects you with the people and principles that define sustainability.”

– Lexicon Of Sustainability

Future Food LEXICONlab will give you the tools to advocate for a better food system, starting with where you live. You will learn to map your food system, identify local food producers and their sustainable practices, then turn your findings into information artworks to share with your community and beyond, including the Agriculture G7 meeting in Bergamo, Italy (October 2017). The program, presented by The Future Food Institute (FFI) and Lexicon of Sustainability, will feature passionate young communicators from three interdependent spheres: Agricoltura, or how the agricultural system works and how it could be improved by the latest innovations; Alimentum, or how a healthy and balanced diet affects ourselves; or Ambiens, or how the environment is shaped by our choices of food production and consumption.


August 28 - September 9

Online training

Getting ready with Lexicon
The first edition of the Future Food LEXICONlab will be launched in August 2017 with an online course. Students will get acquainted with the concept of using vocabulary to define and discover their local food systems. Through the development of a new worldview, students will explore how sustainability looks like in their own backyards.

September 25 - October 11


Time to pack and go to Italy!
Future Food LEXICONlab will continue in the Italian Food Valley, Emilia Romagna Region in October 2017. The first days will provide the students with essential tools for foresighting and scouting. Students will translate the knowledge gained during the online course and the insights and inspirations got during the Italian experience into truly authoritative information artworks.

October 12-13-14-15


Time to showcase your discovery journey.
Students will move to Bergamo taking part at the four thematic task tables of the G7AGRI event: Food Tomorrow, Digital Food, Food Care and Food Governance. An exhibition of the information artworks will be set up during the G7AGRI and the Bologna Award for Food & Sustainability. Students can make public presentations of their work and share their ideas with policy makers and a global audience.

An education platform designed and produced together with Douglas Gayeton and Laura Howard-Gayeton

Who is it for?

We are looking for strong believers in sustainability and local food sourcing who are willing to create impact through storytelling and visual communication. We welcome candidates who are curious and willing to learn about their local food systems and ready to become the new generation of Food For Good Advocates. Students should be engaged in at least one of these sectors:

  • Agricoltura: farmers, agronomists, producers, agricultural service providers.
  • Alimentum: foodies, gastronomists, nutritionists, chefs, food retailers, food bloggers.
  • Ambiens: activists, park rangers, environmental organizations, environmental chemists, environmental engineers, environmental operators.
  • Digital Technology:  junior digital experts, innovators, coders, makers, photographers, video makers.
  • Communication:Blogger, graphic designer, writers, editors, photographers

Students completing the course will be awarded with the Certificate from Lexicon and Future Food Institute: STORYTELLING SKILLS FOR FOOD FOR GOOD ADVOCATES