SDGs first: a few thoughts after the ending of our FF4CC Summer School in New York

By July 20, 2019 July 22nd, 2019 All, FF4CC
For sure, “SDGs first” has become our motto at Future Food. We admire great business leaders like Ann Rosenbreg and amazing change making organisations like Google that continue to be real role models while helping the biggest and brightest companies in the world become drivers of “change”. At the same time, we think that we must all become drivers of change as citizens. We cannot wait that politicians and leaders of big industries make the big move for us.
People like Stephen Ritz and Mark Brand have shown us that a lot can be done! They have shown us what a real SuperHero in 2019 looks like! We are constantly touched by their stories. Watching them in action, caring about homeless people or kids with mental illness, using their heart, willpower and food as a weapon. These are the kinds of people that we need to look to!
The first edition of the FF4CC summer school just concluded and we have already received very positive feedback from all of the new Climate Shapers that were involved. We learned so much from this experience and we have had the chance to further solidify our direction. We’re on the right path!
We spent the last few days of this week following up with many of the stakeholders involved in the Summer School and our UN event. We are working hard to define concrete joint projects focused on Empowering people and communities. It’s always great to share ideas and project unleashing the healing Power of Food that brings us together, shapes our identity and give us energy for life.
What’s Next?
On August 1st we will begin our second edition of the Future Food For Climate Change Summer School. This phase will be focused on Climate Smart Farms. Another exciting week ahead full of inspiring meetings and discoveries.
We will be hosted by our amazing Japanese partners from the EdgeOf. A Game changers community. The first EDGEof location is an 8-story clubhouse in the heart of Shibuya overlooking the iconic Scramble Crossing. It is here where local and global talent can gather, interact and co-create in a vibrant open innovation community. We love the diversity and dynamism of Shibuya and found it an ideal atmosphere for our first Japanese home.
On Friday, August 2nd, we invite you to join us on the 8th floor and rooftop at EDGEof for a night of networking with those involved in food and agriculture from the community. Calling all entrepreneurs, farmers, writers, food enthusiasts, and all those passionate about quality food and healthy living! Info and reservations available HERE

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