Make exponential positive change, in order to sustainably improve life on Earth, through education and innovation in the global food systems

Future Food is an inclusive network and inspirational platform that is sparking exponential positive change in the global food system, in an entrepreneurial way.

At our core is the institute – a center of excellence for food intelligence and a training platform for changemakersclimate shapers and future leaders in the food innovation ecosystem.

Combined with our Living Lab, we are accelerating transformational innovations that are revolutionizing the food ecosystem

Sara Roversi, Founder of the Future Food Network says:

“We are living in a post-industrial and globalized society, where the digital revolution is taking more and more control over our lives. Because of it we are able to learn and acknowledge the importance of a good diet and it helps us connect with food, with who produces it, who distributes it and who transforms it.

Food is life. energy and nourishment. It is the vehicle of values, culture, symbols and identity, food is sociality. Eating is an essential act for the human being, but it requires consciousness and awareness.

By analyzing food from both the viewpoints of culture and  accessibility, we have begun to  map the places where this revolution is taking place and studying its dynamics, both to grasp the opportunities and to help our partners to seize them and create new niches of fruition and consumption that use the potential of technology and new knowledge generated by data.

This is the reason why we’ve created Future Food, an ecosystem composed of a philanthropic soul that wants to create new models and culture by strengthening research projects, promoting training programs, spreading knowledge, and an entrepreneurial spirit that, on the basis of acquired knowledge, feeds innovative projects capable of generating concrete impact on the health of humans and the planet.

The great challenge of our era is to succeed in protecting our planet, by feeding humans in a healthy way and by taking care of the ecosystem that is hosting us.

Humanity will be able to adapt to the great changes we are experiencing only by putting humans back in the center. “

We have mapped six areas which we consider to be our main research, prototyping and foresight focus:

ENVIRONMENT – Innovating food production models based on climate conscious and smart marine, land and non-soil systems.

PRODUCTION – Discovering new technologies for domestic and industrial transformation of food products; playing, co-designing and prototyping about the role of “food” and its lifecycle in the modern society: epicenter of the Circular Systems.

ACCESS – Finding the best solutions against malnutrition and creating new tools to guarantee food safety;

NOURISHMENT – Experimenting with healthy and nutritious food, by preserving our culture and improving the food experience, strengthening biodiversity ;

EATING LIFESTYLE – Experiencing new spaces and models of consumption;

AWARENESS – Developing tools to produce insights from data and artificial intelligence; developing new food learning platforms; unleashing the power of food intelligence, through data science and life experiences, and beyond