Circular Systems Ideation Workshop

5 Oct 19 | 10:00 am - 12:00 pm 0
Markthalle Neun
Eisenbahnstraße 42/43 / Berlin

Food Innovation is a Global Mission!
Join us on our journey and get to know four disruptive food innovation from different parts of the world.

Innovation has to add value but does not necessarily have to be something brand new. It requires the understanding of an idea, maybe rethinking it, putting it in a different context and making new connections. At the end of the day, it only matters if the implementation of the idea was successful, value-adding and sustainable.

Throughout four Saturdays you will have the chance to learn about our food system in small multidisciplinary groups analyzing case studies from the book series.
Discuss the food system problems these examples found a solution for, how these solutions could be adopted and implemented in our local context, and what are the existing actions in our immediate surrounding.

Food systems are complex due to a dense network of relationships between humans and nature: they cover the entire globe connecting very specific local agricultural contexts and the biggest cities in the world, and they involve the entire global population, from farmers to consumers. We are currently experiencing a food crisis. The present food system is unable to provide sufficient healthy and sustainable food for the global population, homogeneously.

The interconnected issues call for a transition towards sustainable food systems, which has been identified among the six major transformations required to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Particular emphasis has been put on the need to create responsible food production and consumption patterns, while rethinking the relationships among the food system actors as well as between the human and natural spheres.

How can the different stakeholders contribute? Moreover, how can we inspire citizens to be part of the global “sustainable circle”? As for the link between humans and nature, the restoration of the relationship among the food system actors is central to the food transition. Creating strong community bonds can enforce the adaptation capacity required to tackle changes, like climate change, and thus increase the resilience of the food system.


The workshop has limited seats for 20 participants. Follow this link to purchase your ticket.

Single ticket €25 (1 workshop + 1 book download for free)
Global Mission ticket €69 (all 4 workshops + entire book series download for free)