FFI & FAO Boot Camps: New York

21 Sep 20 | All Day 0


🗽🏢 September 21-26 #NewYork – Climate-Smart Cities

New York is the epicenter of SDGs, an open lab where urban smart farming is helping to feed the growing population and tons of innovations are changing habits and ways to store, transport, package, process, distribute and consume food. New York represents the symbol of urban areas tackling the climate crisis with sustainable policies. According to U.S. Census Bureau population estimates, New York City’s population increased in the last 8 years by about 224,000 residents, reaching 8.4 million people. While population is rising, New York has been experiencing an increase of  at least a foot in sea-level since 1900, mostly due to the expansion of ever warmer ocean water. By 2100, scientists project sea levels along New York’s coastlines and estuaries 18 to 50 inches higher than today, though a rise as high as 75 inches could occur. Urban areas are the main culprit for high levels of energy consumption, releasing into the atmosphere, every year, about 80% of GHG emissions, of which 70% is CO2. Thus, they cause the depletion of natural resources and a significant environmental impact due to the combustion of fossil fuels for heating houses or commercial/administration activities, for electricity production, and for the public and private transport of people and goods. In this framework, Mayor Bill de Blasio adopted a ‘Green New Deal’, an ambitious $14 billion action plan to combat climate change. In the plan there is also a ban on the construction of new glass skyscrapers in an effort to cut emissions by 30%. This will push buildings to slash emissions, ban future development of inefficient structures and convert the city’s appetite to renewable sources of energy.  Besides, there is a plan to cut purchases of red meat in its city-controlled facilities including hospitals, schools, and correctional facilities by 50%. The new commitment builds on the Monday Meat-less campaign that was adopted by all NYC schools in 2017.

That is why New York is the perfect place for our second event of the second edition of the Food & Climate Shapers Boot Camps, launched together with FAO!

Learn more about the boot camp HERE and apply at THIS LINK