FFI & FAO Boot Camps: Thingeyri (Iceland)

30 Aug 20 | All Day 0
The Blue Bank
Fjarðargata / Þingeyri

🌊 August 30 – September 5 Thingeyri, #Iceland – Climate-Smart Oceans

The importance of the ocean to global climate cannot be underestimated. It absorbs a significant part of carbon and an overwhelming portion of the excess heat. A warmer atmosphere and increasing concentration of greenhouse gases nevertheless exert an enormous pressure on the ocean’s ability to regulate the climate (source: UNESCO). Iceland is the ideal destination to study Climate Smart Oceans issues, with plenty of innovation collected by the Ocean Cluster and a strong community that is reshaping its behaviours to change the way it relates to the blue economy. On top of that, Iceland has marked its first-ever loss of a glacier to climate change, as scientists warn that hundreds of other ice sheets on the subarctic island risk the same fate. As the world recently marked the warmest July (in 2019) ever on record, a bronze plaque was mounted on a bare rock in a ceremony on the barren terrain once covered by the Okjokull glacier in western Iceland.

The town of Thingeyri in Iceland will be the fifth stage of the second edition of the Food & Climate Shapers Boot Camps, launched together with FAO.

Learn more about the boot camp HERE and apply at THIS LINK