FFI & FAO Boot Camps: Tokyo

1 Nov 20 | All Day 0

🏢🌊👩‍🌾🍽 November 1-6 #Tokyo, Japan – Climate-Smart Cities/Farms/Oceans/Kitchen

Tokyo is the largest city in the world with a total of more than 38 million residents. A city that is facing climate change challenges related to rises in the sea level, flooding, precipitations, and a greater frequency of more intense storms. This will result in heightened risks for residents, buildings, and public infrastructure. By the 2050s, high-end projections show sea levels may rise by up to 30 inches, and average annual precipitation may increase as much as 13 percent. Nevertheless, Japan is the first country overshooting Earth resources and policy makers are putting more and more attention on the issue as demonstrated by the Environment Minister Shinjiro Koizumi who stated that “Japan is committed to realizing a decarbonized society, and we are ready to contribute as a more powerful country in the fight against climate change.” He walks a fine line: his determination to reduce Japan’s reliance on nuclear power would seem to support the Japanese government’s plans to add coal-fired power generation capacity, which in turn increases greenhouse gas emissions. Tokyo has a deep tradition in food rituals, which is why Future Food is making Yaesu/Nihonbashi/Kyobashi the Food Innovation destination in Tokyo. We put the light on the impact of innovation on climate change in a country with 3.5 million hectares under cultivation and 2 million hectares of rice; high concentrations of fishing (long distance species): 4.7 million tons – $14.4 billion and over 66%  of land covered with forests.

Tokyo will be the third stage of the second edition of the Food & Climate Shapers Boot Camps, launched together with FAO.

Learn more about the boot camp HERE and apply at THIS LINK