food innovation executive program

The future is now,
but it is spread out all-over the world.
Join our journey to where innovation happens everyday.

The Future Food Institute has founded its philosophy on a hands on approach for inspiring, enabling and empowering food leaders.The Future Food Institute brings the participants to where innovations happen,  where new ideas are developed and tested, and eventually where such breakthroughs are delivered to the market through out-of-the-box business models. Reading or listening to conference talks about innovation falls short from triggering these AHA moments that can inspire innovation across different cultures and geographies.


Why join the executive discovery mission

The executive discovery mission is designed for the seasoned experts who wish to expand their horizons and discover new business realities and opportunities.

Future Food Discovery Missions are tours designed to discover the most operative and dynamics Innovation Hubs all around the world. New inspirations and knowledges are the fundamentals to face the daily and future challenges of the agri-food sector. Thanks to effective experiences, you will better understand the secrets and the specific factors which shape the success of well-known startups, companies and multinationals. Participants in these programs are exposed to a wide range of inspiring projects and ideas that they can later bring home and implement in their corresponding realities. They can even come up with brand new ideas.

Who should join?

The Executive Discovery Missions are directed to managers engaged in the agro-food sector to:

  1. Explore different aspects of product, service and organizational innovation;
  2. Understand how disruptive ideas could change the business as usual to better address the market needs;
  3. Establish a network of practitioners and innovation thought leaders.

Participants profiles include:
– Food Industry leaders;
– Entrepreneurs and professionals who wish to explore new models;
– Researchers;
– Policy makers.

Agenda | Executive BootCamp

12 - 20 July 2017


Netherlands & Italy: Wageningen, Maastricht, Amsterdam, Bologna, Trento, Sicilia.

11 - 18 October 2017


Bologna - Parma - Trento - Bergamo

29 October - 4 November


Napa Valley
Future of Proteins Discover mission and ReThink Food Conference.

15 - 22 November 2017


Attendance at the FHC China, Shanghai during the “Week of Italian Cuisine in the World”.

20 - 25 January 2018


San Francisco
Future Foods Discover mission Winter Fancy Food Show

7 - 10 May 2018


Bologna - Parma

July 12 – 20, 2017


EU AGTECH is a nine-day-long discovery mission between The Netherlands and Italy designed for agri-food-tech professionals engaged to find out the latest innovations.

Innovation in practicing agriculture comes as a timely response to unpredictable climate patterns, diminishing resources and land degradation and at the same time the need to produce even more food. Precision agriculture has been providing solutions to optimize irrigation, drones are being increasingly used in agriculture, and there have been successful attempts at integrating big data and ICT in agriculture.

For this mission we shall bring the participants to the Dutch food valley, from the research excellence of the Universities of Wagenignen and Maastricht, to exciting endeavours such as Mediamatic in Amsterdam on Saturday,

Sunday: Participants will leave the next day to Bologna and get acquainted with territorial excellence of the Emilia Romagna food valley.
Monday: MACH foundation in Trentino
Tuesday: visit to Sicily to explore small scale production of typical products and Citrus research center.