Living Labs are permanent and operational laboratories located in vibrant urban areas, offering healthy and real food to the local “co-workers”, as well as services for the whole community, which stimulate the critical thinking and participation of everyone.

They are unique playgrounds for food tech startups and new food concepts, a space to start competing in the market, test and validate the
technology as they receive feedback from the consumers, and a platform where they can let themselves be known by the world. It’s a place facilitating human interaction, the sharing of knowledge and
experimentation where magic things happens around the table.

Food is Healing. Food is Life.
In the Food Alchemist Lab science and cuisine coexist in symbiosis by creating a new ecosystem.
Nutraceutical properties from raw materials are enhanced techniques like fermentation and; suggesting a circular economy model where the word “waste” is reinvented.
The fermentation bar is going to be one of the project run by this lab. It is focused on innovation and research, in all aspects to fermentation, trend that has revolutionized the gastronomy sector during the last years, for the consumers who are always searching healthy foods and the (re) discoverers all over the world. Yoghurt, kefir, tempeh (fermented soy), kombucha tea, miso, vinegar, sourdough starter bread and kimchi are just some of the products that the fermentation lab focuses on.

Considering the kitchen as the first human known example of the creation of recipes of an open innovation, we think that food makers will play a strategic role in the future kitchens.
In this lab you can play with 3D printers for food,, precision eating sensors, robots, AI and VR systems, and digital fabrication tools to explore and ideate game changing solutions for the future of food.

A lab dedicated to the farmer’s role in the cultivation of aromatic herbs, sprouts, and vegetables. The lab will feature a rotating installation of technologies exploring indoor agricultural innovations and DIY solutions. A space where the first link from the trophic network is grown by applying the most advanced and sustainable technologies.
The only aim: to feed the rest of the trophic network within the Scuderia ecosystem.